Come on bastards, blame it on the Greeks

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  1. The lazy Greeks, the economically irresponsible, the debt-ridden and un-reliable.
    This rhyme, I humbly offer to Frau Merkaiser and Mr Obanana:

    It's all their fault!
    If Europe explodes, blame the Greeks
    If EU countries output declines, blame the Greeks
    If the US has a 120debt/GDP, blame the Greeks

    It's all their fault!

    If oil and gas prices roket, blame the Greeks
    If all sovereign ratings are downgraded, blame the Greeks
    If we go to war with Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea and eventually all developing countries, blame the Greeks

    They're a tiny nation, but it's all their fault! And even it wasn't who gives a shit, so...

    just blame the Greeks!
  2. Politically speaking every bad situation needs a scapegoat.

    Greece represents everything that can go wrong with bad and relentless government spending, massive debt, and socialism for the rich.
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    It's really the arrogant or rather ridiculous attitudes of the Greeks that irritate people.
  4. It's bad ju-ju... when people come to think of themselves as "entitled" to the property of others (thanks to government)... the entire Western world is experiencing it now.

    :( :(
  5. +1

    I hope the greeks get what they deserve: years, decades of extreme poverty
  6. Be careful. They will be saying the same when the US defaults "we got what we deserved." Except it won't be the German's telling us how to restruture it will be the Chinese.
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    I blame it on the British SOE's WWII operational plan, which meant they got into bed with the Greek Communist Party and pumped them up tremendously in order to combat the Nazi occupation.

    And we all know how well the Greek economy has done since WWII. Where would they be without tourism ?
  8. Don't compare the biggest economy in the world with a sneaky lying cheating bunch of nitwits.
  9. \

    You are turkish?
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    When the US had it's last budget impasse the MSM were blaming it on the Tea Party!! Even that stupid Fox News was talking that garbage.. Decades of overspending was the more obvious root cause.

    I still don't understand why an economy that surpassed any in all the history of the world had to borrow.. but essentially it's obvious that the Public Sector of the US of A could be given the entire GNP and they would still have to raise fees and taxes here and there and still would have unfunded liabilities...
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