Come on After Katrina and Iraq do you really want republicans in charge?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Dec 11, 2006.

After Katrina, and Iraq would you vote for a republican president

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  1. You have to admit the only reason americans voted in the republican the last 2 times b/c americans got too god happy. Too into thier belief of fundamental christianity and family values. So they voted in the republicans. And out of fear of another 911, they claimed they cared about you, and that they would solve terriosm problem. The republican well for a better word, F uped!!! big time. They made the world incredibly more dangerous. The russians are falling back into dictarship, lebanon in the brink of civil war, Iran now by proxy controls all of Iraqs, syria has now more influence, North korea has nukes, the rise of china as a superpower, and the loss of major allies to socialism.commusim. Al qaeda now controls somalia. And it goes on. For better or for worse, osama now has become even more powerful. His influence spreads into asia, europe,africa, and now deep into america.

    And just look after katrina. Even with years of warning. They messed up. Bush didnt care. It took his staff to make a dvd compilation of all the news events, to make bush get off from his vacation.

    In fact we now call it Katrina mentallty.

    After all of that, I hope you guys make a better decision fro president. :D Or not, its fun for me to watch your country slowly falling into decline by stupid decisions. Make your vote count next time, dont vote republican.