Come & Get Your Free House!

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  1. How can I get in on this free house giveaway from the US Government???

    Do I really have to be financially irresponsible to get one?

    Have I been wrong all along?

    Financial Irresponsibility does equate to riches????
  2. I'm much more iiresponsible than you're

    So I ill take 2

    1. Miami beach Ocean front condo
    2. and in san fransisco
  3. Wait my credit sucks can I have a house to? Quick lower your credit scores, max out you credit lines, low score=free house.
  4. You people joke, but this crisis was created by the predatory lending practices on mortgage companies. The adjustable rate, and interest only mortgages were pushed upon the unsuspecting, uneducated general public. The Federal reserve, as the central bank has a responsibility to fix the problem, and then set regulations that will not allow it to happen again.
  5. The public should read the fine print when they make the biggest purchase of their life. Most people are just too lazy to read. They figure that if they read something, they may miss a few American Idol episodes, and god forbid that happens.
  6. A friggen 10 year old knows what he can and can't afford.
  7. Thats a good point, like when a credit card company send you a notice in the mail that they are raising your rate, most people open it see that its not a bill and trash it.
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    Wow, I'm a liberal when it comes to ET, but this is just plain ridiculous.

    I guess "government just needs to do more" or "there out to be a law" or "we need to punish the evildoers".

    What about people who were fiscally responsible and were priced out of the market? Do we artificially maintain high prices/let people who are in over their head keep their homes while new families (recent grads/just married) continue to be excluded. Essentially, what you are saying is re-distributing assets to fiscally irresponsible folk (ppl who bought more than they could afford, thereby increasing housing prices) versus people who were responsible (ppl who waited/rented because they couldn't afford the inflated prices).

    So why do you want to punish people who represent the iconoclast of Americanism?

    Finally, if you think its all wrong, WHY is it when the housing bubble is POPPING that its a problem. Why wasn't this an issue when prices were rising/people flipping? If we're going to be idealistic why is it heads I win, tail everyone else loses?

    Just American Hypocrisy at its best; and like I said most ppl here are rightwing nutjobs on ET but how can everyone preach "free markets" as long as they are "up"?

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    Those poor, deluded fools. Of course it's not their fault, they're innocent victims!
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    The US economy is run on the stupidity of the consumer...nuff said.
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