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    Terrorist Yassir Arafat was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Recently, another terrorist group wiped out his place and swiped the prize:
    <a href="">Here's the story</a>.

    Guess that saves the Nobel guys the effort of awarding the next one to Hamas, seeing as how they already stole one.
  2. "blew up the main entrance to the house before storming it."

    The real irony would be if they used dynamite, but hey, whatever works.
  3. More irony (sigh) what if the guys name was Al-Fawzi-Nobel-Jabbar, you know how clever they are, those Hamas using naked shorting to fill their suitcases with cash. :D
  4. That dang Cox could've put a stop to this last week, but no, leaves in the grandfather clause. I mean who yoou gotta blow to get a peace prize.
  5. Wasn't that long ago, maybe last week, I googled famous people named Cox ( and speeling variations thereof) I was disapointed. There's some irony for ya.
  6. Sometimes in business ya gotta be a prick and people call you a cocksucker, but somehow the way the French say it
    "coque sooocquer" it doesn't sound quite the same. Ironic isn't it.

    Well I'm wore out from all this irony, later.
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    This just in, we have an acceptance speech from Mo who stole the NPP:
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    Woah. It's up on eBay already:

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    More irony-

    'Some Israeli Arabs told me in private that of course they would not want to live in an Arab country, let alone in the West Bank or Gaza.

    A plan to shift the border so a group of Arab towns in central Israel could be switched to Palestinian control was rejected with haggard horror by Arab leaders in Israel.

    They all ritually praise the Palestinian cause, but none wishes to live under its lawless rule. One Arab journalist told me he had been asked by friends in the West Bank if he knew how to get them Israeli passports'

    quote from reporter peter Hitchens