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  1. Just an FYI regarding Comcast . . .

    If you have been consistently experiencing lots of slow speeds, slow web-browser loading, "time-outs", and dropped connections . . . there appears to be an issue with the DOCSIS 2.0 equipment functioning properly with the new DOCSIS 3.0 stuff ( which is what Comcast is using to run their Voice of Internet phone service with ).

    The "compatibility" of both these systems in the same networking environment has been causing some big "headaches" for Comcast. They will eventually "fix" the network, but it appears to be a long process of "test and measurement" and "trial and error".

    I know this because I was having a huge amount of dropped connections over a 6 week period in late September to early November.

    An additional FYI is the fact that Comcast VOIP phone service customers will be using a different modem than the usual broadband modem ( Motorola SB5100 ). The new modem is an ARRIS and it actually allows users much FASTER broadband speeds due to the more robust specs demanded by VOIP. A little know fact told to me by a Comcast field tech.

    You will never be able to go back to crappy cable after you try it!
  3. My Comcast Internet was down almost the entire weekend before last. The TV was fine but a neighbor with Comcast phone was also out. Fortunately my router picks up an unsecured connection and Pabst doesn't miss a beat. :D
  4. Lucky


    Comcast has been absolute crap lately, now at least I know why.
    Did you get an upgrade to the new type of modem? Any improvement if so?
  5. I have had a Comcast Arris modem for 2 years now and I have never had any problems with it.

    About a year ago I was down for 10 minutes on a Sunday morning and once this year I was down for about an hour during market hours. Other then that, no problems at all. I have so much redundancy that outages of any kind are nearly moot.
  6. Did Comcast provide the ARRIS modem, or did you? I'm sure most of us have Motorola Surfboard modems...
  7. Comcast provided the modem.

    I have phone, cable, data from Comcast.
  8. No, because I am not using their VoIP phone service.

    Comcast finally fixed the "issues" in my local area and everything has been just "peachy" ever since. But it was definitely frustrating for awhile there.
  9. I use comcast, had an outage for a couple hours yesterday.

    Although this was the first in a long time.

    They used to be a lot worse but over the past year or so they have been very stable.

    I would get fios if I could but its not offered in my area yet.
  10. FIOS is not all that cost competitive compared to COMCAST.
    They charge $57.99 per month for "Up to 20Mbps" on the download.

    I get "Up to 17Mbps" with Comcast's "Blast" service for $52.99
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