Comcast Ups Speed with "Blast"

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  1. "Blast" essentially doubles the "Performance Plus" service ( $52.95 ) from "up to 8 Mbps" to "up to 16 Mbps!

    Existing "Performance Plus" subscribers will be automatically upgraded at no cost to "Blast" the week of Feb. 22nd.

    Let the SPEED WARS begin!
  2. Yes, wait until they start charging for usage (per GB) that's also going to be a blast :eek:
  3. However, the real problem is that if you have to travel outside of your local (Comcast) metropolitan network, let alone out of state to connect to a trading/quote server that is on opposite ends of the country, your speed will not be anywhere near what it is on your "local" network.

    For example, I get 7.5 mb's on the download from LA to San Francisco.

    But going outside of the local Comcast network to Chicago sees my speed drop to 6.0 mb's . . . and to NYC I am down to 5.1 mb's.

    At least my trace-routes back East average around 88ms, which is actually fairly good.

    Such is Life on the Internet Superhighway.
  4. The key phrase here is "UP TO 16Mbps". Time Warner Cable recently offered "Turbo" to double its speed to 15Mbps for around $9 extra a month. But I'm not noticing any difference. I don't think the rest of the internet can keep up with that speed yet.
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    comcast lost speed war long time ago to verizon's fios..
    for $45 a months i have 15/2 mbps 24/7 with dedicated line,not shared connection with entire neighborhood.
    i agree-the key word here is UP TO..

  6. Fios is not offered in many areas; thus it is not a comparable option.
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    comparable or not-i was first in line in my area and pretty happy with it. don't know about fios tv..after i open my mouth @ comcast about switching tv services to verizon, they give me package with all premium channels included for less than a $100 a month..the war is good :)
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    lucky sob.
  9. That's not even really the issue, given that once you leave the "local" network of the Comcast provider, it then sends you out onto the Internet Superhighway where the lines are from "other" carriers such as AT&T, Level-3, UUNET, etc.

    Your local provider has NO control over those lines.

    I can get 20.0 mbps from San Francisco to LA ( without router ). But try getting outside of California and using a non-local network ( as described above ) in order to get to a trading/quote server back in NYC or NJ, and you will be luck to be traveling at speeds of 5.2 mbps.
  10. That shit already happens where I live - Service Electric...

    Don't use them if you have the choice.
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