Comcast started throttling me!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Triple X, May 4, 2008.

  1. I have had high speed cable service for a while now, very fast (15 mb+ download). The company recently sold out to Comcast, and now I find I'm getting 2 mb/sec up and down! They are throttling my service! I wonder if it is becuase I use it all day long? I haven't noticed any effect on trading. I'm just curious if anyone else has these issues with Comcast. Next thing you know, they'll be billing by the GB. :mad:
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    Did you call and complain?
  3. Not yet
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    Maybe get their business service. Last I looked it wasn't much more $ and using it all day is a normal expectation.
  5. I am starting to have the same issues as of 3 months ago, more like oversubscribed though I believe. I can get DSL up to 7 meg and I may go that route. I am still getting 3 down and 1 up compressed from Comcast so not critical yet.
  6. I spoke to Comcast, they claim that in order to integrate my old provider into their network, it could be months before the speed comes back to 10+ mb! Sounds like BS to me, how could it take so long? They are the only game in town for me, as DSL from Verizon blows around here (disconnects daily). One thing I will say is cable has been reliable. I hope it continues and Comcast doesn't screw that up too! :eek:
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    Triple X: So will my cable speed be back to normal by Summer?

    Comcast: More, More, MORE...

    Triple X: Christmas time?

    Comcast: More, More, MORE...
  8. Doesn't make a difference.
    There is absolutely NO difference between the comcast business service, and what they offer to residential customers in as far as speed is concerned.
  9. By the way, I have never ever heard about Comcast "throttling" service ( as one poster claimed in a post above ).

    I have the Comcast "Blast" Service for $52.95 per month and it is fantastic!

    Make sure you check to make sure that you have the latest version Router possible. Firmware updates aren't good enough. A lot of time you can wind-up having a Router that does not allow for a high enough "throughput" so as to maximize the potential of your Broadband connection.

    And yes, Routers do go BAD!
  10. I have heard that Comcast "throttles" people who do alot of file sharing. I just wondered if they might consider all day downloading of financial data a problem, and if anyone else had a similar experience. It seems dandxg is also experiencing this phenom. The good news is its not deliberate :eek:
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