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  1. So Comcast just rolled out their meter to see if you're anywhere close to the allowable 250GB per month.

    Apparently trading everyday doesn't use much at all.

    December i was not on much at all so ignore that number.

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  2. I noticed this the other day as well.

    Even with my kids downloading movies on Limewire, my usage still isn't too bad. Still, it's around 30-40 GB :cool:
  3. Forgive my tech ignorance, but as far as the amount of usage involved for a full-time trader, would it matter how many streaming charts (or other data) you had coming in all day?
  4. No, the price data feeds might seem like a lot of data but really isn't much compared with music and streaming video downloading.
  5. Yes I believe it would. All the tick changes are bandwidth. The more charts the more changes A huge difference probably no but who knows check it yourself. It you were creating a custom tick with all 500 stocks coming in and tick changes, that could get intensive.

  6. Gotcha .... thanks.

  7. That's what I originally was thinking. I'm streaming about 17 charts across 4 monitors, and would think it would be more intensive than just 3 or 4 symbols.
  8. Where can I find the Comcast Internet Usage Meter?

    I just looked into my account under Account & Bill and don't see the option.
  9. Bob111


    unbelievable...while japan and other asian countries are rolling in 1gb speed, US is start counting bandwidth usage like some third world countries back in 1995...
    screw you,comcast..i'm glad i was able to get rid of ALL your services..die
  10. Traders wonder "how powerful a video card do I need?".

    Most video modern video cards throughput is at least 5GB/s... many are 20GB/s+...
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