Comcast. Heavyweight Championship. Fail. Worst company Ever.

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  1. Rampage Jackson v. John Jones for the belt.

    Waited 3 weeks for this moment. Dying to pay my 44 dollars. Comcast says it's really 54 for high def. I say ok.

    Transmission goes bad and stays bad. Missed the Championship. Ended 5 minutes ago. 45 minutes on speakerphone hold. Told, "system is failing everywhere".

    Pirate All Content. All the time. Forever.
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    maybe they can't handle rush traffic, send Dana a complain.
  3. I have been saying for years that they are one of the worst companies in the US. Some of the worst and dumbest customer service reps anywhere, and their equipment sucks. I get a new DVR; sure enough a week or two later it fails and I have to waste hours on the phone and in person when their rep shows up to replace it. Then last month that box won't play recorded DVRs. More wasted time on the phone with the bozos in customer service, half o whom do not know their own job and their equipment . lol
  4. Started eating and drinking 6 hours ago.

    At 4pm told everyone at my house - "Stay the F*** away from the TV".


    National Comcast Lynch Mob. Now.
  5. The problem is they are basically another monopoly. Many locales have either no alternatives of very limited ones. The cost of cable has driven away hordes of former customers who just said the hell with it when they lost their jobs or their unemployment checks ran out.

    They are definitely a company that I wouldn't shed a tear if somehow/someway they were made completely obsolete.