Comcast Cable Internet vs. Qwest DSL... dilemma

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Comcast is in the process of changing ALL customers over to VOIP.... let's them avoid paying so much to AT&T for phone line leases....

    The problem I have with that is that ALL of my phone and internet connections flow through one node.. the 6mps, VOIP modem. If that goes out, all my phone service and internet is also out until the modem is repaired/replaced.

    On the other hand... if I go with Qwest DSL , 1.5mps, I can still have dialup as backup.

    Conceptually, I'm opposed to having everything go through one node (could have a backup VOIP modem handy, I suppose), but I'm not a great fan of Qwest DSL, either.

    You guys have comments or Comcast modem reliability, or other?

  2. Not sure what you mean by VOIP modem? Haven't ordered their VOIP service yet, but plan to do so. You can just buy a modem for internet from Walmart or Best Buy for $60, I have the Motorola SB 5100, very good modem. Ask them what modem you need and just buy your own, 1 time cost must cheaper than leasing it.

    I have not been down on Comcast since alteast 6-8 months ago. They upgraded their network and we have had pretty tame weather this summer so far. In the past they would go down in the summer when their was a bad storm sometimes. Glad to see you are moving into the new millennium. :D

    Edit, make sure you put whatever modem you get on battery back up.
  3. If you have Comcast phone service, in the near future you will also have VOIP... they're going to that for ALL customers. (Their VOIP modem handles both VOIP and cable internet... it's Motorola SBV 5120, or something like that.)

    Their VOIP modem has battery backup, but I'm concerned about it becoming inoperative due to modem failure, then having no access to phone or internet until the modem is replaced.
  4. Well gnome, if it makes you feel any better my last modem, before the SB5100 lasted for 4 years. You know as well as I do the MTBF on electronics is ridiculously low. I guess if you are really worried about you should have back up modem in a box, just like a bu router, and have your cell phone handy. I plan to have my cell phone handy in case it goes down and I have to phone my broker.
  5. Nordic


    Have had the VOIP modem with all three services, ( cable internet and phone) with Comcast since the beginning of year. Have had no problems with the modem at all. ( knock on wood). Wew did loose power once and the modem kept working.
  6. I have VOIP and had an outage... Boy did I miss my old analogue phone line.....