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  1. I am honestly on my way to the nearest Comcast center. These dumb mother fucking degenerate morons have pushed my last button - I have had a problem with my connection ever since I switched to their " high speed " bullshit ( prior problems were not as bad but still very annoying ). There has not been one flawless fucking week with this bullshit!!! Get this, I call them, wait 10 min, and then get hung up on - EVERY FUCKING TIME! NEVER FAILS! I believe the reason for this is because I have a very sharp tone ( not yelling but firm ) and those pathetic minimum wage waste of lives decide that they are to good to address my problems so they keep pawning me off like some worthless scrub - There is nothing anyone can say to change my mind. It is 100% my connection and not " me " or " my computer " so I do not want to hear any over achievers hyping this piece of shit defunct company!

    I just felt the need to let you know if you are located near CHICAGO IL to never do business with these straight low life corrupt scum should have been left on the sheets to dry losers.

    I am now on my way to the nearest Comcast center to snap this fucking dykes head right off her beefed up Amazonian looking neck and cancel my connection - Anyone near Chicago, IL that would recommend a High Speed Internet connection provider?


  2. You sound upset.
  3. I've been with Comcast for many years. They are like utility company (Dish Network, ComEd), when there is an issue you must take some sedative before calling. Otherwise it is so easy to get pissed off like that.

    Yes they are fucking morons. I spent 3 hours yesterday dicking with Dish Network about my lack of signal for the past couple of days. The soonest someone can visit me is in 3 days. And then hey want me to pay for the visit... WTF.

    I've heard decent things about XNet if you're west of Chicago (
  4. is Verizon FIOS available in your area?
  5. Now THAT'S funny!!:D
  6. First off, you need to realize that when you call a level-one tech support rep at Comcast you are merely calling into a calling center where they simply try to cover the most BASIC problems. More often than not, anyone that trades professionally from home and has built-up their own home office has a much higher KNOWLEDGE BASE than the Comcast level-one customer support reps.

    Secondly, if you are 100% certain that your issue of "drops" is not connected to your Modem ( which are refurbished units by the way and need to be replaced every so often ), then you need to find out through others in your neighborhood if they have been having the same issue.

    The reason I ask this is because I had a TON of "drops" back in October and early November due to the fact that Comcast has an issue with their DOCSIS 2.0 network working with their newer DOCSIS 3.0 ( which handles VoIP phone service ). - - - On several occasions, a networking engineer at Comcast told me that the issue had to do with some optical lasers, or even a PC board that was fatigued and on its way out, just below the network "node" in my neighborhood.

    Low and behold, the problem of "drops" continued. It literally took a full 4-5 weeks before everything was running smoothly again. My guess, is that Comcast is now up to speed regarding this issue. But back in October, it was really an exercise in "trial and error" because it was a brand new problem for them.

    I actually have the phone number of a Comcast engineer in my area, and became the "canary in a coal mine" since most of the people in my neighborhood do not work from home, are not receiving live quote feeds, and really have no idea when their service is interrupted.

    On just about every occasion, I will know when my Comcast connection has "slowed" and/or dropped WAY BEFORE a customer service rep or tech. In fact, I've even been on the phone for 20 minutes with a customer support rep/tech and they showed absolutely no "system wide" issue in my area. At the end of my phone call, their screen finally indicated an issue in my neighborhood. That's just the way it is.

    Again, my guess is that the "issue" revolves around their DOCSIS 2.0 equipment not working well with their newer DOCSIS 3.0 equipment, which is what Comcast uses to support their VoIP product ( phone service ). I posted a thread about this exact subject not too long ago.

    Understand that.
    Realize that . . . and move on otherwise you will drive yourself crazy.

    I know, I've been there.

    P.S. The customer service reps are not hanging-up on you . . . I have had tons of "dropped" phone calls with them as well.
    It's just the way their phone network runs, and even more unfortunate is the fact that they are not allowed to call you back, once they have lost your phone call. It can be extremely frustrating.
  7. Darshan


    Haha it's really funny cause I had the exact same problem. Their costumer service would drive me up the wall!!! The bad news is that I got so pissed off I dropped comcast and decided to try ATT...only to find out that ATT costmer service was even worse!!!!

    It's some sort of cruel joke, but I wouldn't recommend either

  8. Hes right - the company is a joke. The sales and tech support back in '99-2001 were outsourced to a Canadian company. I imagine since then that its moved on to India. We used to sell the service before it was even available in the customers area. Happened at least 4-6 times a day on sales I tried to get each day.
  9. stevegee58 - Yes I was very upset

    datamerc - I definitely understand 100% where you are coming from. Thank you for the referral, I will check them as I am no longer a Comcast customer.

    ChkitOut - I just went on Verizon's website and I do not believe they offer that service in my area but I will call them up.

    Landis82 - Very helpful information, I thank you for your time. Regardless I just got back from the Comcast center and canceled my service with them. I thank the world that this is happening during my time off, as I have told myself that I will not be trading until after the 1st of the year. I am a Day Trader but I do not trade at home often anyway. Regardless I must find a provider soon.

    Thank you all for your help and support ( Seriously )


    P.S. - To those wondering how I am still connected to the internet: The rep at the Comcast service center was actually quite concerned. ( It was a guy ) So he went out of his way to give me an extended " grace " period (January 2nd) So I have no complaints there :)
  10. I have been to their customer service center recently to exchange a remote and noticed they had bullet proof glass up at the counter.What does this say about their customer satisfaction record ?
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