Combining citizen's dividend with liberterian prinicples

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    The citizen's dividend is the idea that each individual gets a guaranteed income from the government. Basically, I was thinking of how a society with a limited government and a citizen's dividend program. In this program, each individual, including children, get a guaranteed income ($10000 a year). Each family is limited in guaranteed income for only 2 children. A family gets the income as long as one person is working. An adult only gets the income as long as he or she is working. Minimum wages would be eliminated, allowing for full employment.
    The citizen's dividend would be funded on a 20% tax on all income and profits. 5% tax would be used by the government to maintain infrastructure and maintain order. All other taxes, state, local, and federal taxes would be abolished. Other old government functions, like education and healthcare, are now an individual's responsibility, hopefully driving down costs. Anyway, I just wanted to know any input.