Combination of aerobic exercise and an arginine, alanine, and phenylalanine mixture increases fat mo

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  1. Combination of aerobic exercise and an arginine, alanine, and phenylalanine mixture increases fat mobilization and ketone body synthesis
    Keisuke Ueda,Chiaki Sanbongi,Shoko Takai,Shuji Ikegami &Satoshi Fujita
    Pages 1417-1424 | Received 22 Dec 2016, Accepted 28 Feb 2017, Published online: 27 Mar 2017

    During exercise, blood levels of several hormones increase acutely. We hypothesized that consumption of a specific combination of amino acids (arginine, alanine, and phenylalanine; A-mix) may be involved in secretion of glucagon, and when combined with exercise may promote fat catabolism. Ten healthy male volunteers were randomized in a crossover study to ingest either A-mix (3 g/dose) or placebo (3 g of dextrin/dose). Thirty minutes after ingesting, each condition subsequently performed workload trials on a cycle ergometer at 50% of maximal oxygen consumption for 1 h. After oral intake of A-mix, the concentrations of plasma ketone bodies and adrenalin during and post-exercise were significantly increased. The area under the curve for glycerol and glucagon was significantly increased in the post-exercise by A-mix administration. These results suggest that pre-exercise ingestion of A-mix causes a shift of energy source from carbohydrate to fat combustion by increasing secretion of adrenalin and glucagon.

    Here, Ueda et al. propose that pre-exercise ingestion of A-mix, Ala-Arg-Phe mixture, increased fat catabolism during and post-exercise.
  2. This study was done on only 10 subjects in randomized study so needs more fleshing out but interesting take on these pre workout amino acids and its effect on fat mobilization. Not much else research I can find but interesting.
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    ALCAR + ALA = crazy delicious.
  4. Right, you mentioned that before and was researching it (have access to university library so can research 500 journals) and this popped up supporting that. Going to look into it.