com: Barney Frank expects uptick rule to be restored in about a month-CNBC

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  1. _Tree_


    Son of a bitch
  2. all that ensures is this system is going to totally collapse
  3. I just heard that but can't find a story. Does he have that kind of power?
  4. A total collapse is the best possible outcome for that fat fuck, James. That'll give congress assholes like him another "crisis" to take advantage of and grab more power for themselves.
  5. very excellent for them to allow this again.

    i had my best years running thsoe programs that took advantage of the uptick rule.

    good days are here again!:D
  6. Mup


    There were ways round the uptick rule so nothing will really change....

    Just seems like lip service to the masses :eek: :) )
  7. and you feel that way because?
  8. Agreed. It's good for the pros but this is bad for the overall market because it'll suck out liquidity and make the U.S. even less competitive. We are on the fast track to becoming a banana republic.
  9. Why would Barney Frank open his fat, slurry mouth and say something like that with no details to back it up? We are already having an up-day thanks to some bogus Citi statements, seems to me like he is just adding fuel to the fire for an eventual profit taking day tomorrow.
  10. _Tree_


    can you explain this? thanks
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