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    Nothing to do with Trading really other than I'm a trader and will be attending.

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    Kids n Kamp -- the local non-profit organization that serves the needs of families fighting childhood cancer. In recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness month (September), they're hosting a fundraising event at the Bone Fish Grill (a new restaurant in Dublin) at the end of the month. The information is included below. Please feel free to forward this invitation to friends and family, but please note that this an adults-only event.

    RSVP is required to attend -- you can do so by calling 262-2220. When you do RSVP, they'll ask for your preferred method of payment -- they're hoping to collect as many of the donations in advance -- so if you can, they'd like to receive payment via credit card. Thanks!

    Special Invitation to the grand opening of the Bone Fish Grill in Dublin
    All proceeds benefit Kids 'n Kamp

    Date: Friday, Sept. 26
    Time: 6 p.m.
    Minimum donation: $20 per person
    Location: Bone Fish Grill, 5712 Franz Road, Dublin, OH

    Please join us for a special grand opening event at the Bone Fish Grill in Dublin. All proceeds of this event benefit Kids n Kamp -- a non-profit organization serving the needs of families facing childhood cancer. For the cost of $20 per person, attendees will get a full tasting menu of the restaurant's signature appetizers, entrees and desserts, complementary cocktails -- and the opportunity to support a great local charity, Kids n Kamp!

    Please RSVP to 614-262-2220, so we can hold a reservation for you.