Columbus 5 Day ES Intraday Trading Exploration

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  1. I am gonna document my intraday ES (S&P E-Mini) trades for the next five days starting with Columbus Day. I have evolved to be a reversal trader although sometimes my reversal trade is actually a trend entry on a larger swing.

    I will try to post my trades in real time but when the market moves quickly and requires my attention, I might post it late. Will I make money? I don't know... but I will post every trades even if I lose big. I am just gonna take as many trades as I can see or until I am too tired. I would appreciate comments at the end of the day but not during. If this journal proves to be too distracting, I will have to stop early.

    As to how I trade, it is a combination of techniques derived on my own that I WILL NOT talk about because I have a family to take care. I am not half as good a person as Spidie. The method requires discretion and is difficult to backtest. I can lose my shirt when not trading it properly so there is quite a bit of risks.

    I will use a stop of either 1 pt or 1.25 pt depending on my entry and the direction of the immediate trend. I will try to capture about 2 pt or more. To simplify decisions, I am very willing to risk all my profits and then some without tightening my stop because I am not very good with reentry.

    Again this technique is not mature so I am still playing and improving it. However it is derived from my studies of many other techniques and watching market movements for some time now.

    Being a little pretentious, I pray to all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for their blessings so that this poor stupid man who turns materialistic will rise again when the mud settles.
  2. Enter long at 1198.75. Stop 1 pt away.
  3. This trade is not very good. Stop out at 1197.75. -1 pt
  4. kalinka


    Why did you go long in a clear downtrend?
  5. Yes, it broke my range too. But I see a setup lining up that can act as a support. After stopping out, I try to enter the trend right after but there is no pullback I like. Will keep looking.
  6. I might have missed a short at 1196.75.
  7. Would have gotten out at 1194.75 as a scalp.
  8. Fuck they cannot route my order at 1197.25 short. What's going on.
  9. Shit. I have to get Tradestation on the phone again.
  10. Fuck. Tradestation said they were having problem with the system. Now it's fine. This could be another 2 pt trade. Like I said the methodology is pretty good. I just need to wait for the next trade.
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