Columbine type shooting in Montreal

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    Some crazies have shot up school in Montreal. Reports scetchy but gov reporting 4 dead and 16+ injured !
  2. It's a shooting spree at Dawson College in downtown Montreal.

    The college is still shut down and I don't think the police have captured him or the shooter is cornered somewhere still on campus or a nearby store.

    Lots of students taking shelter at the nearby Concordia University.

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    They are reporting 2 shooters, One committed suicide the other shot by cops. But it might change. Very conflicting reporting.
  5. Their now saying the gunmen has been neutralized and that the college is still closed because students said there's more than one suspect.

    Apparently so far, there are no hostages.

    13 wounded with 8 of them critical condition and one confirmed dead.

    A student said he walked down the street to the college around 12:35pm est with this big gun...wearing a long black trench coat, big dark boots and a weird haircut...

    People (including students) walked right by him without saying anything as if it was normal to be seeing someone walk down the street with an automatic weapon in his hand.

    10mins later he open fired outside and then went inside and continuing firing.

    Police had arrived just as the shooting started.

    Obviously someone called earlier because it wasn't normal to him/her to see an armed black trench 19yr-20yr old with an automatic weapon.

    Edit: 4 are now confirmed dead.

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  8. Might be yet another one of those crazy seperatist "pea-soupers" going ape about not being allowed to secede from Canada. Its a very emotional issue, I'm told.
    My Mum comes from there
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    Quick! Call Michael Moore for a quote!
    Wait...he said this never happens in Canada, only in America.
    BTW, if that left wing commie hates America so much, why doesn't he leave!
  10. This 'sort of thing' has occurred in Canada MANY times.
    The place is full of half drug addled psychopaths with a contingent that wants to secede from the rest
    From my experience (I have cousins there) I wouldn't want to live there!
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