Columbia and It's Economy.

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  1. Just back from the First of Many trips this year. Spent some quality time with key economic and business development groups as well as clients. Columbia as an Emerging Market is interesting.

    EU, CHINA are the next trip for more insight with their economies.
  2. How was the crime?

    Did you talk to normal people about it or only to business men who drive around in blinded cars with bodyguards?

    Thanks for the info.
  3. and you never noticed while there that it is called Colombia,unless you are talking about Columbia Univ. being an emerging economy.

    Everything is possible here...
  4. debaser,

    Good question. I did not speak with the locals per sa. I spoke with some of my Clients both from the US and Columbia. Had some key meetings with other VC people.

    The crime rate is better than Mexico from what I understand but there is still a huge gap between Rich and Poor.

    Columbia's Coffee market is strong, as we all know how much cofee has risen in the last 6 to 12.

    Also, Infrastructure projects are on the rise with Private Investment Dollars. I met a few Xpats who now run their companies or should say small business from Columbia.

    The Risk is still there, as you never know what you get with Columbia from year to year. However, going forward for 2011, with what we are involved in, looks to be profitable.

    I can't speak on everything in Columbia however.
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