Colts QB Peyton Manning voted AP's NFL MVP

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  1. Its hard to say. Of course Peyton is one of the top 3 best qbs in the game today but the Colts are pretty much perennial contestants for the superbowl let alone the playoffs. Given the minimal contribution of Addai this year and even wr I may have to rethink any disagreement. How about the player who helps his team play over their heads? Atlanta, Miami, Tennessee. Some of the aforementioned would come from the defensive side of the ball. How about Polamalu, he was everywhere.
    Just speculating not necessarily disagreeing. The playoffs this year are going to be interesting though. Colts peaking now, Pittsburgh at times seems unbeatable. Don't know the condition of Rothlisberger. Tennessee shut out?? Random thoughts. Love the subject though.
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    Of all the teams in the playoffs, I fear Indy the most. We (Pitt) don't match up well against them. That being said, I do think it's wide open in the AFC for whoever wants it. IF Pitts D steps up and plays to their full potential, then it'll be curtains for everyone else. Unfortunately, they've had a few let downs in big games (think Jags last year playoffs). Doesn't make sense to go #1 all year in total D, then give up 30 points. As a Steelers fan, you can live with the offense letting you down. BUT NOT THE DEFENSE.

    In the NFC, I pick the Eagles to go all the way with Carolina next in line. All up to McNabb now. He plays well, they're in. Brian Dawkins IS that team.

    I'll venture to say that when it's all over, Peyton will arguably be the best QB of all time. But there's a hidden talent he has... he's freakin funny. Those commercials of his are fantastic. What natural comedic timing! Hollywood!
  3. amen to that bro
  4. MADDEN says "anytime you have Peyton on your team you can win ANY game in this league"

    he should know :D
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    I didn't give Arizona a second thought 'cause they couldn't stop anybody. Warner was always the asset.
    Well lo-and-behold, they grew a defense and produced a running game. Whoedathunkit? Can they do it on the road in an open stadium? Hmmmm.

    Manning vs. Warner superbowl anyone? Doubt it. But it would be interesting. As opposed to:

    The most irritating QB in the game today... you guessed it, Philip Rivers.
    Whiny prick.
  6. the VIN MAN.. +3 :D

    he's got a leg that knock your aunt connie's socks off
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    I would not have gone for that field goal. Too many other, favorable options.
  8. BULL


  9. Donovan, you're blowin it. Curtis isn't tall enough to go up after those bombs ...elusive though, but over the middle.
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