Colossal EarthQuake

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    Since the Richter scale is logarithmic, this earthquake had approximately 1000x the energy of the one that struck Haiti!!! One aftershock of this earthquake, of which there have been something like 20, is as big as the Haitian EQ :eek:

    The biggest EQ on record was something like 9.5.
  3. That's the reason I said "the next earthquake will be magnitude 10 or 11 on the richter scale".
  4. Is there any mining companies that will have to temporarily close down their mines in that region because of instability? Any stocks affected?
  5. Quick...everyone Donate money to Chile! Lets stop giving money to Haiti and give it to Chile now! This earthquake was much bigger than Haitis, so I expect all of you that gave to Haiti to double what you give to Chile.

    If you do not donate to Chile and you were one of the people that donated to Haiti, then you are nothing more than hipocritical brainwashed sheep who only do things because the Media tells you to.
  6. two giant earthquakes back-to-back: is the mother Nature telling us not to screw with Large Hadron Collider?
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    Have you even graduated high school? The intelligence level in pretty much all your posts indicate that you haven't...
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    2012 is not that far off :eek:
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