Colorgraphics quad card

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jayford, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. I have a Colorgraphics Evolution 4 card for sale.

    Its nearly new, and works great in older systems (actually it will work in any system, but setting it up in Win XP is a bitch. You have to mess with registers and such).

    Anyway, it runs 1 to 4 monitors, but analog only. This card is best for Win 98, 2000, and NT from what I am told.

    $20 plus shipping. This includes the cables as well. I will also guarantee that it works.
  2. does the card include the drivers ? if so, pm me. i want it.


  3. nitro


  4. Like Nitro says, drivers on the Colorgraphics site along with installation manual. Look at the section for drivers for older products. You can call tech support and they will walk you through the whole thing as well.

  5. i pm'd you with the details.

    thanks !

  6. Surf,

    Card is in the mail Monday. ET wouldn't let me reply to your box. Says its full.