Colorado Votes To Legalize Marijuana... Your View?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Scataphagos, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. FOR:
    1. Lack of violent crimes related to M use
    2. If legal, could be regulated like alcohol and raise revenue
    3. If legal, cops could spend their time on other than M busts
    4. Taxpayers wouldn't have to pay for incarcerated M offenders

    1. Would make it easier for kids to get their hands on M
    2. More DUI of M offenses

    I don't use M myself, but the arguments FOR legalization seem stronger. (Kids can get their hands on alcohol now... up to parents to guide them on M and alcohol use.)

    Anybody care to chime in??
  2. I support a well regulated marijuana industry. It's an exercise in fultility trying to stop people from using it. Some will use it responsibly and some won't. Those that don't, like I did with pot and other drugs/alcohol, will pay the price. That's just how it works.
  3. If e cigs are illegal ( setting a bad example) in places where smoking is illegal then logically all smoking is bad.

    Whats up with 2nd hand M smoke?

    How can anyone pass a drug test for work?

    Smoke dope legally with kids in the home?

    Will we see MM in hollywood films?

    That would be a nice movie,, a new married gay couple dying of aids smoking dope finally adopt an african child from Kenya.

    Is this a great country or what? ....:cool:
  4. Lucrum


    "Prohibition" of recreational drugs is NOT working. I would think even those fundamentally opposed to drug use can see that, if their honest with themselves.
  5. LEAPup


    I don't want the gubment telling me what I can or cannot put in my body. I don't smoke mj. I will note it is a plant that grows in the dirt, and is illegal in most states vs legal alcohol, cigs, etc.,:confused:
  6. Alcohol and tobacco are also recreational drugs. Alcohol kills your brain cells and liver. Tobacco gives you lung cancer and emphysema... people "do it to themselves", anyway.

    I don't see how M is wildly different...

    Ads with a retired Denver police Lt. are running here with his arguments FOR legalizing... logically, I think his points have merit.
  7. Lucrum


    It's not.

    I think it was originally made illegal to discriminate against Mexicans.
  8. "... who grows up to become the SECOND Constitutionally ineligible to be elected POTUS..."
  9. maxpi


    If all drugs were legal I'd be really happy most of the time...
  10. There are plenty of reasons not to want people, particularly kids, smoking pot, but the criminal law is too blunt an instrument to use on it.

    No one should be put in jail for possessing, using or selling weed.

    Besides the obvious point that it isnt that different from alcohol, there is the practical point that a lot of the money from it now goes to mexican cartels. Why not keep that stoner money right here at home? Legalization would also be great for companies like Pepsi and pizza delivery companies.
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