Colorado - the good, the bad and the ugly

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  1. What are the pros and cons of living in Colorado?

    So far I got:

    1. Cheap housing
    2. Cheap in general (so I think)
    3. Good for winter sports - being a fanatic of snow mobiles it should suit me well.

    Please chim in with your 2c.
  2. Roger that about the real estate.

    My daughter goes to college in Denver and the wife and I were looking at buying a condo for her to live in. Let's just say that a friend of mine just bought a car for about the same price as the condos we're looking at.

    These are not cheesy condos in rotten neighborhoods, either.
  3. I live a couple hours north of denver, it's quite a bit pricier in Denver than say Ft. Collins which is actually a nice place. I lived there for a while in college. You will enjoy the state very pretty, alot to do
  4. 2nd home in Boulder, CO.
    pro's - outdoor lifestyle, minimal crime, great Latte's, no traffic, family oriented
    con's - kept trader status in Arizona. IF Series 7 trader at firm, I hear having Colorado address not great, cost of living more expensive, oh and this Boulder Nation mindset (socialism) - just dont read the local papers and you will be fine, if you are athletic be prepared to have 55-65 yr olds, kicking your butt!
  5. On "cheap RE", depends...

    Denver Metro area housing ranges from $140-$1,000 per sq ft.... a nice house in a preferred area = $350 per square ft, minumim.
  6. How *is* Fort Collins, anyway? I've heard it's really nice but I never made it up there when visiting Denver.
  7. I was actually searching for B & B's properties and they seem to be super cheap as well. For 1 million one can get a nice set up which generates 100K+ and allows for quiet life. :D :D :D :D

    However, I am not discounting a comfortable condo or a one family house.
    B & B would be for my wife (she loves to hustle and make her own $$$$). Besides, she always wanted something like this and that would be the only way for her to leave a good job in NY.
  8. clacy


    Having lived in Denver for several years, real estate prices are, as you know very relative to where you are moving from.

    Overall, I would say it's about average in pricing (housing) compared to the rest of the country. Compared with Akansas, it's much more expensive. Compared with Cali or NYC, it's dirt cheap.

    The Denver metro area is a very nice, clean city for the most part. Low crime, fairly good shopping, good restaurants, plenty of sporting events/concerts, etc.

    I believe that Denver and Colorado Springs are two of the highest educated cities in the US. With the emphasis on high tech jobs and energy, I would anticipate that this area will be booming for some time.

    Obviously, if you like outdoor atitivities, you'll be in heaven. Your just an hour or two away from great skiing. Much closer to hiking, etc.

    The weather overall, I thought was fantastic. Denver itself, has much better winter weather than most people would imagine. You'll have lots of 50-60 degree days from Nov-Feb, and when it does snow, it usually melts within 48 hours. Nothing like Chicago or Minneapolis.

    In the summer, typically it's 80-95 degrees, with virtually no humidity.
  9. Don't believe this! Denver Metro area is CRAPOLA ALL THE WAY. DO NOT MOVE HERE!
  10. Why would you say that?
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