Color fades to B&W

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by eastside, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. Has anyone seen this happen when shutting down XP Home Edition:
    * You click on "Start" then
    * Click on "Turn off computer" and
    * A window pops ups to turn off the computer

    And you don't click on anything for a while, you just leave the window there without turning it off, and the monitors colors fade slowly and turn to black and white. As if you have B&W, no color.
    If you click on "cancel" the color comes back. Or, I'm thinking it could be the Matrox quad card causing this.
  2. I actually think that, to quote a popular Microsoft tech support saying, "this behavior is by design".

    It does it on mine, too. (XP Pro)
  3. Thanks. Glad to know it's not the Matrox card. (Never know when you get stuff from EBAY.)
  4. Same here. Using XP home and ATI 8500 and 3dfx 3000 cards on two minotors and the both fade out together.:)
  5. It is by design that this happens. :)
  6. Nice "feature" :)