Color coded Moving Average

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Ripley, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. I want my MA to be green when the slope is positive, and red when the slope is negative. Is this too much to ask? Can eSignal do this?
  2. Buy a TS2000i, much easier and your feed gets cheaper.
  3. I was just about to sign up for eSignal for the whole year.

    But, the indicators in eSignal are so primitive. You cannot do nothing with the indicators.. they are so set on stone. I cannot modify and mess around with stuff.

    Only reason I am here is because of DDE links and one other indicators that I found here.

    Isn't TS platform free with a $ 5,000 account? and is there a separate charge for TS feed?
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    Yeah, Ensign is just a click of the mouse to color code.

    Hey but look at it this way. Esignal was nice enough to raise your rates and not give you anything for it.

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    Exactly why I dumped them. StoneAge tools.
  6. eSignal Sucks... But it does have playback feature and all which does help if you are a n00b and all. but, it is way too much to pay for a charting software.

    TS doesn't have DAX yet, and it doesn't have MP either. So, guess I'll have to stick with eSignal.
  7. =========
    Most any ma can be colored like red for 50, green for 200;
    & thats pretty well standard = green for positive prices,
    red for negative prices .

    Are you sure thats what you want, cause even if you did that;
    it would look like a red/green spotted Christmas tree???????

    Its not to much to ask , however.:cool: ;
    its your choice.
  8. Another sample:

    2 MA's with 4 colors.
    light red : fast MA < slow MA and rising
    dark red: fast MA < slow MA and declining
    light green: fast MA > slow MA and rising
    dark green: fast MA > slow MA and declining

    Good visualisation is very important.
    Making this chart takes less then 5 minutes.
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    Ensign has backplay. One of the Ensign rooms generally builds playback files for the day. It's not hard to do from what I understand but I have never done it personally.