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    My daughter is quickly approaching that age. She carries a 3.5 GPA and is interested in broadcast journalism as a career. Since she will be the first in the family ever to attend college, I need some help in finding the best school for her. As I here it some are known for medicine, business, law, etc., so I figured there's gotta be one that's known for journalism. Maybe.

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    Better home school her in the way of Christian broadcast journalism, else she become tainted by the liberal academicians.
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  4. Unlike an Engineer, a Lawyer, etc. etc., one doesn't need a journalism degree to practice the trade. You simply need a an education, writing skills, and an inquisitive mind. So, I would suggest you (she) don't limit yourselves simply to Journalism programs.

    As a better alternative, she might target a very strong liberal arts college. Odds are she will change her major at some point anyway. Almost any major is suitable for a journalist.

    In your shoes, I wouldn't look at journalism programs but look at very strong (ideally private) English programs that hammer home the reading & writing.

    That said, lets be frank, pops. Odds are your daughter will find her future spouse in college. As such you might best target the schools with the best pedigrees, however you define that. :)

    *Just noticed u are in Honolulu. As a UH grad I would say, whatever you do, get her OFF THAT ISLAND (for college).
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    Thanks for the thoughtful response, Blue. Getting her off the island was priority number one and fortunately, she feels the same way. We raised her to be very independent so it looks like this is paying off. She really wants to go to school in N.Y. so I'm kinda leaning towards NYU. I'll have to research some but it looks like they have a strong liberal arts program there. Plus I have never been there so it would give me an excuse to go.
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    I don't think she can be anymore tainted as she is raised in probably one of the most liberal states in the union...ohh, and did I mention Hawaii plans a name change: The Socialist Republic of Hawaii. Growing up here sort of has the same effect as attending a catholic school; in which you come to detest the very faith you were brought up in.

    For which I'm glad.
  7. Off the cuff, NYU could be a good choice because the experience of living in NY would be invaluable, not to mention it is a center for liberal (Yikes!) journalism.

    One Major downside is that the culture shock of moving from Honolulu to NYC is perhaps more extreme than moving to a foreign country. She'll need to visit the city - if she's not excited about it, then it likely won't work.
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    She's actually very excited about it...since as a seventh grader! I don't know why, just struck a chord with her I guess. We'll be going to the city some time in the fall. We live in town in Honolulu so at least it's not like she was raised in Waialua or Waianae or something.
  9. Hamilton College in upstate NY specializes in developing students' writing skills. There is not much to write about up there. The full resources of a fantastic liberal arts college, however, would be available to your daughter. It should be a little harder than NYU to get in. worth a look.
  10. Hi Bronks,

    Ton of college kids in Boston and Northeastern has a journalism school if she wants to be in the east at a bigger school. I think most of the Boston schools do. Those small liberal arts colleges out here (the tier below Ivys) - Hamilton was mentioned - produce a lot of writers and journalists too but they charge PLENTY. College education has become a big, big business.

    There's plenty of value still - tangible and intangible - in a liberal arts education. If nothing else, if she goes to college, I bet she'll be fierce later on that her kids go too.

    Hawaii eh? Expect visitors on school breaks. :D

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