College vocabulary to describe today's market action

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  1. ok! this one makes sense.

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  2. Correct! Give the man a cuban seegar. :) :D
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  3. HINT:

    the second word is ..... stomach
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  4. Today's market action in the Dow Jones ....

    (1) _ o _ _ _ i _ _ c


    Imagine aka assume the Dow Jones is running from the Police.

    As he is still running away he enters a large and deep forest.

    How far can Dow Jones run into the forest?


    Mr. Dow Jones sure felt like a bum today - he hemmed and hawed but could not rise. He felt so broke that he acted like a street urchin aka bum. He had no money in his pockets for cigarettes so he started picking up cigarette butts off the street.

    Assume that for every 7 butts he finds it magically transforms into one full cigarette which he can then smoke in sybaritic pleasure.

    He finds 49 butts.

    How many cigarettes can he smoke?


    Dow Jones was driving his car south yesterday - the car had Pirelli tires. In which direction was the friction?


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  5. June 02 2011: Vacillating?

    Definition of VACILLATE
    intransitive verb
    a : to sway through lack of equilibrium b : fluctuate, oscillate
    : to waver in mind, will, or feeling : hesitate in choice of opinions or courses
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  6. Rol


    Had to pull out my Gray's Anatomy book for that one!
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  7. Correct! :)
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  8. antonym for VACILLATE is BARON.

    synonym for BARON is INTRANSIGENT
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  9. Prof, is this a trick question? Looks like 8 cigarettes to me
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  10. When Miss Jones entered the classroom, she noticed a little pool of water near the blackboard.

    "Who is responsible for this?" she asked. No one replied.

    "I want the person who did this to own up" said she. "Everyone close your eyes, then the guilty person must come forward and write their name on the blackboard. No one must open their eyes until I say so"

    So everyone closed their eyes. Soon there were quiet footsteps over to the blackboard, a pause and then the sound of someone writing on it with chalk, followed by more footsteps.

    When the teacher told everyone to open their eyes there was a loud gasp. Another little puddle of water had appeared next to the first, and on the blackboard was written,

    `The Phantom Piddler Strikes Again!'
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