College up 100% since 2000 VS healthcare of 55%

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  1. TGregg


    The obvious solution has two parts:

    More government subsidies


    More education for everyone

    That'll keep this curve going strong!
  2. clacy


    Education spending is one of the talking points for Dems to buy votes. This will not change any time soon.

    Everyone claims they want to cut spending but as soon as you actually start talking specifics, the Dems will say you're taking food out of the mouths of babies and that the Republicans are trying to throw old people over a cliff.
  3. Good schools have no incentive to control costs when they have more than enough students desperate to get in regardless of what the price is. I went to NYU and I remember hearing one of the security guards, a mid 30s obese woman, chatting on the phone about how making six figures is nothing and even she makes six figures (her only job is to sit on her ass all day spending 10% of her time checking student IDs and 90% of her time chatting on the phone).

    Meanwhile I'm getting solicited for donations every year from the school. I see that they refurbished Tish hall again, the undergrad business school building. I don't really see the need to redesign the building every 4 years, when it was in great shape before, but they need to spend their money somewhere. I guess getting the 100 million dollar donation from Paulson (and countless others) isn't enough for them that they need my support too.

    This will not change so long as everyone views higher education as the holy grail and persues it at any cost.
  4. piezoe


    Average tuition at public institution in U.S. ~ $6500/yr (maybe not quite up to date).

    Average student loan debt in 2010 ~ $25,000

    Average cost to have someone stick a pipe up your rear end, have a look and snip off to polyps ~ $4,600/30 min.
  5. Those are examples of the financial prison this country is.

    Debtors without cash are forced to make good on their obligations in other ways. Think: slum lords.

    The only way to solve the problem is to install a standard banking protocol. Promise Language.
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    Why do we have to have three ways of writing "to", "too", "two"?
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    and i'm a victim of it..paying for my son's education..on top of this greatest ponzi scheme..wanna be a doctor? prepare to pay 500K+(in today's money)
  8. "no" and "know"


    spell (cast or write)
  9. At this rate, the average bachelors degree will cost 250K

    I wonder how it will impact the economy when the next future generation will start out life with 250K in non dischargeable debt and jobs that only start out at 30K
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