College Students and Grads.

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Don Bright, Jun 12, 2003.

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    yes......irresponsible at best. the poster has shown himself to be a charlatan.
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  2. well let me say a note of precaution to college age aspiring traders. when you make the decision to pursue the trading thing, you have to realize what you're risking. and it's not just money, it's a huge chunk of your LIFE. Just look at Gordon Gekko or me for that matter. We gambled and we've lost (so far). And some gambled more of their LIFE away than they could afford to lose. Such is hard realities :)
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  3. You naysayers have got to be kidding....we are offering an opportunity to those who don't want to be in the long unemployment lines that we are all seeing around the country.

    Never mind....all you college grads go flip burgers.....and all of you naysayers....stand in line to flip burgers, because you have no chance.....

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  4. I think the thing that got people going(at least me) is the suggestion that this is a value equitable to Grad school. As a recent college grad myself, who has blown a few trading accounts, I know that my degree is much more worthwhile than a little trading experience.
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    As a degreed person myself, I would certainly hope so. But hold on and let me grab a second opinion from the Phd driving the cab.

    Don, instead of offering a trading account in exchange for someone's graduate school funds, why not just offer a scholarship in the way of a very limited "first semester" of free training and then if they wish to proceed with the "second semester" (which they will if they think they can make a buck by then), then require funding? Separate the space wasters at that point, and attract more possibilities at the onset 'cause the funding parents are more likely to say "NO" otherwise prior to their having an idea if their children have any potential at it at all.
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    To present an internship at your bucket shop as being comparable to a college education is embarrassing. Even more sad is that it's likely you believe what you're saying.
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  7. id rather be taught how to trade smart than waste my money at college. but everyone has thier opinions.
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  8. I have your first candidate. Go contact the "54% return, looking for internship" thread starter. He is a legend in his own mind allready, on paper anyways. And he is looking for a job.

    Good luck.
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  9. Well, based in no small part upon your atrocious spelling and poor grammar, I disagree with your assertion regarding the trading education being the wiser of the two choices.
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  10. Come on, the spelling Nazis on this board and others are too much. People, including myself, type fast on here, don't check spelling, and move on. Why, because we don't care about spelling. Give the guy a break.
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