College Students and Grads.

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  1. Favor of educating those. Interesting comment. And how does one go about educating those who chose not to accept it ? Isn't that up to the individual to chose?

    You sound like the kind of person who is going to make sure your opinions are crammed down my throat because, according to you, I need your hand to help me.

    If I need your hand I'll ask for it.

    The world does not need people like you who are ready to offer your opinions without being asked.
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  2. Here we go again. Tries to recruit people. Wait a minute. Does Don hold a gun to their heads?

    Oh, no. Please 777, save me from myself. I'm incompetent and I need you to guide me.

    You should be in politics.
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  3. belacqua


    The opportunity cost of a graduate degree is pretty high if the degree doesn't lead to a high-paying job, so sure, get 'em goin' early, what the hell.

    The only pickle is that a hungry-to-trade 22-year old hardly has the best temperament to be a successful trader. Most of 'em anyway. I know I didn't at that age.

    Give 'em a few years boiling water in a bath house, Spirited Away style. Then they'll be ready for the boiler room.
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  4. Notice that I am offering an alternative to College graduates.....I am very "pro education" .....but the fact remains that business offers many opportunities (not just the trading business, but all business factions).....Yes!! Go to School for Gawdsakes!!! Hopefully you will learn enough to make your own decisions about what path you would like to take.

    The whole world of Wall Street offers opportunities for many......while at the same time can suck the life's blood out of others......

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    A college degree is a useful experience and if you didn't get the information in high school - most americans do not - then you will learn necessary mathematical and other techniques to understand how the business and scientific worlds operate.

    There are a lot of people that go to college and end up in careers that have nothing to do with their college degree and even after many years in their profession are not in the upper 2% of income in the US. I know plumbers and Union dock workers that make a lot more money than many, many professionals: they never went to college. I know phD's that make less than 70K after 20 years of work: they make a living but just ...

    College is not a necessary tool to be financially successful and does not lead to good jobs without connections - no matter what the big name schools tell you in their marketing blitz.
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  6. "What we're doing is expanding our focus on the "younger set"....We've had internship programs at several colleges for several years now, but with the dismal job market, we thought we could bring in some of the sharper grads with little or no money to trade. Rather than have Mom and Dad pay $100K for grad school, perhaps help fund a trading account. And, yes, the training will likely be free to those accepted through this program.


    Pray tell, why bring in just the "sharper" grads? How do you define "sharper?" Are you saying you can just tell, or do you rely on some objective criteria like GPA to determine that?

    So you only want to bring in the "sharp" ones, yet you have no way of testing these "sharper" grads to weed out those who lack the other requisite skills for success as a trader?

    How do you know the not as "sharp" wouldn't do just as well?

    Perhaps "sharp" means ability to convince mom and dad to fund them, and/or have enough brains to pass a series 7.
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  7. Darv


    Why not just go to a place like ZONE in Austin? Austin is way cool and i think they would take anybody.
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  8. london


    unbelievable!Fund a trading account. A pretty innovative approach.More so than the so called guru I know that offers a money back guarantee (try getting your money back,lol,I wont mention any names Sammy Chua,oops).I can just imagine the rosy picture they get at all the colleges where he has a program.This one deserves to be in the hall of fame,lmao.

    :p :p :p :p :p
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    Ebo about dusting off an old thread!
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    lol,improtant threads should never die!These guys should be exposed.Its tuff enough without the snake oil salesman.
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