College Students and Grads.

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  1. Don,

    Are you saying the training session will be offered for free to a few applicants? After the training session will these applicants trade the firm's money without putting up any type of upfront capital?
  2. What we're doing is expanding our focus on the "younger set"....We've had internship programs at several colleges for several years now, but with the dismal job market, we thought we could bring in some of the sharper grads with little or no money to trade. Rather than have Mom and Dad pay $100K for grad school, perhaps help fund a trading account. And, yes, the training will likely be free to those accepted through this program.

  3. Get'em while they're young! :D
  4. Need more commission generators huh?
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    How about futures trading?
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    Are you suggesting that instead of going to grad school you'd recommend people plunk 100,000 (that they'll most likely lose if they're new traders) into a Bright trading account?

    I hope I just have a learning disorder and just misinterpreted that statement.

  7. So I guess you have space for people with little or no money, so long as their parents are loaded. Nice.

  8. the above statement is just wrong. the suggestion of such folly is truly disturbing.

    :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    mmmmm.....instead of paying for an education for my child, i'll fund their trading account at a bucket shop.......LOLOLOLOLOLOL.
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