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  1. Good aftertnoon ET I have a question for all the Wall Street veterans out there (or anyone else who has some input).

    I have finally recieved all of my college descisions back. Basically, I have three options; The undergraduate business schools at University of Maryland, George Washington University, or Northeastern University. Excluding cost at an issue, does anyone have any opinions on any of the schools? I'm looking to get into finance (obviously) after school and would like to start out at one of the big banks. Do any of those schools have a better reputation on Wall St then the others? Thanks for your input

  2. None.

    I went to GWU actually - and wish I had gone to a NYC school. Go to whichever is closest to the biggest banks and/or hedge funds. Intern there and you won't have to search for a job after school.

    Then again, my best advice would be to skip school altogether and spend those 4 years learning how to trade.
  3. No, go to school and get that very pricey piece of paper. It's BS but the Wall St firms won't even look at you without a college degree. You want a safety net in case you don't make it as a self employed trader.
  4. My educational background has never once been confirmed in the 4 years I've worked on wall st. I wish I had skipped school - I'd be rich by now.
  5. mizer


    Trading at a prop shop a few doors down from the NYSE doesnt classify as a "wall street" job
  6. thanks for your input guys
  7. If you have to go to school.. Go with Maryland. At least you can be in the ACC with Carolina, Duke and Virginia etc.

    The best trader ever went to UVa and has an undergraduate degree in Business.
  8. Yes I am leaning towards Maryland basically because of the sports teams who will be fun to go watch
  9. The guy you're referring to turned down his acceptance to Harvard Business School. He wasn't an ordinary guy to begin with.
  10. That was to get an MBA. But, most smart people don't need it. MBA is for the handicapped.
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