College professors complain their jobs are being taken by online education.

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  1. I wanted to learn Adobe after effects and after searching for a class and finding out that I had to pay $1,000+ and learn on the day THEY wanted to teach, I found a website called I paid $37.50 and get access to 70 hours of adobe after effects training, plus i get working files and access to 100s of other courses in different subjects. The traditional class would be no more than 30 hours of training MAXIMUM.

    How can a traditional school compete with that?
  2. Good. Bunch of ultra liberal ass wipes who think they are smarter than everyone else.

    Go get a job in the real world and see how smart you are.
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    Same professors that extolled the virtues of offshoring. hah.
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    one more time-it might work in SOME fields,but i really doubt that it will work in core stuff like-math,physics,chemistry,biology and so on. how do you substitute lab works? you can't. and credits that you got at online college won't be accepted by regular college. here we go, you stuck in the loop.
    the reform is due long time ago,but it have to be a good combo, a hybrid model,where at least at very beginning of this online education some of the basic stuff can be done ONLINE AND ACCEPTED BY ALL COLLEGES STATEWIDE. then it would make some sense.
    example-1st year in college-you HAVE to take BS classes like history,geography and s** like that. my kid can pass it and get A+ with his eyes closed,but by the 'rules' he must go to the class and pay FULL PRICE for it. why? WASTE OF TIME AND WASTE OF MONEY.
    this whole thing is f**d up. just do the the test online,pay like your said $35 or so.. if you pass it-then you can spend your time on core stuff,that you applied for. it's that simple..
    i'm all for online,but not 'full online'. as for now-some basic stuff,but-like i said-those earned credits MUST BE ACCEPTED BY ALL COLLEGES.
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    LSU has a distance learning program open to anyone. I believe the current classes are both online and by mail and the cost is 400 dollars a class. If I had a kid of college age I would have them take everything they could through LSU and then transfer to a regular school to complete. (or just send them down to Louisiana to finish up.
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    The liberal arts schools will be wiped out between the price increases of the last decade and the proliferation of online classes.

    And that's a good thing
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    I'm pretty confident that it won't just affect liberal arts schools.
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    I like the idea of DVDs of the course. The college could craft exceptionally good ones and use them indefinately in some subjects or sell them on to other colleges.

    The Uni I went to had a guy way down the lecture theatre, in fact so far away that you couldn't read what he scribbled on the black board or hear what he said !! Even the front row were straining to catch it. Waste of time attending lectures !!
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