College Playoffs for 2019 Season

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  1. Thinking now and no particular order, other than Alabama/Ohio State being the better teams.

    Ohio State
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    If they go to college, shouldn't they have an understanding of the English language.
  3. Ummmm Where the F is Clemson???

    UGA loses at home to the awful Gamecocks. Despite SC best efforts to hand them the victory.
    One of the worst losses in UGA history.
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    :D "No one can beat our Cocks."

    Ohio State.... naaaa. Suckeyes have a long season ahead. They have to worry about Wisconsin, Penn State, and as always, U of M. First year coach.... they'll lose at least one before the season's over.

    Alabama has LSU and Auburn to deal with. We'll see how bad LSU beats Fl tonight. Never underestimate Auburn either.

    I think Clemson goes all the way.
  5. I thought LSU would beat Florida worse than they did. Think they will clobber Auburn and lose to Alabama in a high scoring affair.

    Sort of surprised how many third-down conversions Florida had against LSU. I think Mullens is an excellent coach, probably the best in the SEC behind Saban. His offenses just tend to grind it out. God forbid he ever gets real talent.
  6. Alabama
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    Tennessee and 34.5 points against Alabama might be a decent bet tonight.

    Hmmm.... Alabama plays LSU and I still think Ohio State will lose one. So more than likely we'll have another controversial selection process as its almost a given there will be at least one team in there with one loss; while you might have a smaller Division 1 school that went undefeated. More impetus for an 8 team playoff. Lots more money for everyone.
    Harder on the athletes though.
  8. I agree. Too hard on the kids. If we have to twist our brains to name the #4 team, think about naming #8.
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    Bama has to play LSU, so one of them will be knocked out of the undefeated ranks.

    Winner of Alabama/LSU. Im picking LSU
    OSU, they should sweep Big10
    Clemson, same for ACC
    OU, same for Big 12
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    I agree on LSU over Alabama.
    (That bet I mentioned above was an easy win. Tennessee could have won that game actually, the score 35-13 is deceiving. It was a close game really)
    And never underestimate Auburn when they play Alabama. That's a game where records don't matter. I'd love to see Saban lose 2 in the regular season and stay home on New Years. He's overdue.

    If Ohio State beats Wisconsin, Penn State, and the Wolverines (another game records don't matter)... that would be something. Wisconsin this weekend at home. Penn State at home too, which really matters against Penn State.... that "white-out" they do at their home games.... thats a tough venue to play in. If it was at Penn this year... I'd bet the farm on the Lions.

    I predict we'll have (2) one loss teams... and know what would be really great... if Baylor beat Oklahoma and went undefeated.
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