College May Become Unaffordable for Most in U.S.

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  1. Annual cost for reading materials: $50 per book x 4 books x 2 semesters = $400

    Annual cost to hire an academic to assign homework and lecture using the Teacher's Edition: $50,000 yearly salary / 100 children in an auditorium = $500 per child

    $900 true total cost per year for a college level education from State U
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  3. College wasn't orginally meant to be for everyone, just the children of the upper and ruling classes.

    After all there was no point in having everyone be developed for positions of leadership.

    As it currently stands, what we call "college" or "university level education" is an opportunity which many privileged, lazy and coddled children expect as a "given" from ... fawing I guess is the word that I am looking for ... parents who want to make to sure that their spolied, lazy child is given every opportunity before they reach their equilibirm of mediorcity in this society.

    Now, if you are an intelligent, bright, ambitious and ... hungry I guess is the word that I am looking for ... invididual who wishes to better their lot in life or seeks to be a more educated person in this society you can pursue a higher education on your own and make it work.

    I don't have a kid, but if I did, I sure as shit wouldn't be caught dead paying for their pampered "higher education".
  4. Looking like getting laid and partying will become a privilege of rich kids only :cool:
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  6. The smart ones won't go to college- they'll get into apprenticeships.
  7. Of course I'm just talking trash here ... but if they didn't show they were putting in the effort (grades, activities, etc.), I'd cut'em off and let them know what time it is in the real world, real fast.
  8. A university education can cost about $100,000 and five years of time. The five years of time can be five years of lost earning power at say $50,000 per year= $250,000. The total cost of a university education could therefore be said to be somewhere around $350,000.

    I would estimate that over half of education in university is wasted. People end up working in entirely different fields, they don't complete their education etc.

    Could you imagine if purchasing a house worked the same way? Lets say you spent $350,000 for a house and just like a university education, half the time it didn't work for you and you just had to walk away from the house without getting your money back. If that were true people would be a lot more careful when they bought a house.

    They say university is not to get you a job but to broaden your mind. I say thats just a line given by the people working at the university who want to protect their business. No parent in their right mind sends their kid to university with the sole intent of broadening their mind.

    I think people have to worry more about how useful a college or university education is going to be over worrying about how much it's going to cost.
  9. impossible for the college to become "unaffordable".

    markets simply don't work this way.

    price will adjust based on supply/demand.

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