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  1. Basically... I'm about to go into college for business. I have $3000 to spend, little more, little less. I am into gaming and I need a laptop that can basically be a desktop replacement.

    Main Specs I need are :

    2 - 2.16 Ghz Processor
    2 - Gb Ram
    100 Gb Hard drive at 7200 rpm

    Other suggestions that would be beneficial to a great computer would be appreciated.

  2. buy a < $1000 computer. use the rest of the money to pay for your education. give up hard core gaming for a while and spend your time better hitting the books.
  3. LOL... I can afford both I just think it's pointless to pay more than 3000 for a laptop
  4. I'm 18 years old, I am going to be using this computer for about everything I do, music, gaming, business, and anything else I get into in the future. I do not want to settle for something that has limitations on what it can do. I've already come to the conclusion of what I want to spend... I just want to know what I can get for what I am spending.
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    Get something lightweight... keep in mind the "lugging" factor... lightweight, onboard wifi and bluetooth, good battery life.

    Have LCD's, extra HD, fancy speakers, excellent kybd back at home so you can just plug in.

    Keep in mind that with, if you have wireless internet available, that's an easy way to reach your desktop back at home.

  6. you have a lot to learn. all i hear in your wish list is you wanting the ability to play while you are supposed to be learning.
    i was in business for many years and the first thing you need to know is that you dont splurge on luxuries when you are trying to become successful. that can all come later. wise decisions now can mean an easier life later.
    i realize i am talking to myself here because you dont want to hear it but you asked for my opinion and now you have to hear it.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I've basically figured out the two computers I'm considering.

    The Dell XPS seems pretty nice with the fancy casing and lights and whatnot, not to mention it is the gaming line that Dell has. Unfortunately when configured to the way I want it (I had to tone it down a little to keep the price reasonable) it came out to about $3250, and it doesn't even have a built in camera. Their customer service is terrible also...

    The other notebook was the Mtech m570u. This thing isn't as stylish, but it has all the features I could ask for. Being as nobody has even heard of this company (including all the computer people I've spoken with at the office and whatnot) I'm not sure if their product is a good quality product or not. Much less their customer service.
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    It depends on how long you plan to keep it. I have a 10 year-old DELL that I'm still able to download new drivers for from the Dell website as they come out. It has also been easy to find upgrade parts.. easier than it would be with an unknown manufacturer. That has been a major consideration for me in subsequent purposes, leading me to stay with Dell, if not at least a major manufacturer.

  9. Dude. I understand what your talking about but your acting like I am going to spend my entire college years playing video games. I am not a hardcore gamer computer guy. I just like to have the ability to do what I want when I do have time to do it. I am taking business classes, but also along with music classes. I need a computer to edit my music. I figure if I get a gaming computer then it will have enough power to run music programs, and obviously if it can do that then it will be able to run Microsoft Office.

    By the way... if I can get into college don't you think I know how to apply myself towards school and manage my time?
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