College isn't just "not worth it", unfortunately, it's a negative.

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  1. Had lunch with a guy this weekend, he said he wishes he just gave his kid $100,000 instead of paying it to some school and the kid still can't find a job - though the kid does know what the European capitols are.

    Colleges are even a bigger negative on a relative basis. Now there's this for young people:
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    disagree. Go to a state school and get a marketable degree (computer science, accounting, etc.). Well worth the investment.

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    So he failed as a father for not encouraging the kid to pursue a marketable degree. He should have known better.
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    Nice over generalization on both sides...

    Education is an investment. I would say there are at least 40-50% more kids in colleges than there should be, but it just means, they invested in the wrong way.

    And you can get a fairly decent education on the cheap, if you look around...
  5. Agreed.
  6. I'm going to guess by the title of this thread the OP did not attend college.
  7. This is what I did, rather than a fluffy degree from a top ten university. I did accounting and finance.
  8. I have the fluffy sociology degree from 94', but got lucky and got into sales. I feel sorry for the people that got degrees in Women's Studies.

    I look back and wonder though at that age if you told me practical or no degree I might have quit and joined the military. I hated econ in community college now I love it. And these days looking for work you need a degree or you will not be considered.
  9. No now it has got so bad it doesn't matter if you have a relevant degree from a good university or if you get firsts with honours you will struggle to get any job.

    Even when I left university people with good degrees in really hard subjects were waiting. It took me some time to get my first job, which was bankruptcy clerk, not a great job but lots of responsibility. Looking back though I gained a lot more from doing that than I would if I went straight into a good job.

    Most of what I have got since has been off my own back rather than someone giving me an occupation and money. I got my own blog at the Huffington Post and I got my own blog at Mindful Money and it was me that was asked up to meet the Business Secretary in England because I wrote an alternative money supply control. I've also written taxation systems that were sent for review in other countries, taught myself how to computer program and written software for a multinational company that saved over £2.4 million a year.

    In other words the degree didn't help me jack. The only thing that has worked in my favour has been my own effort. The degree apart from the knowledge hasn't helped one ounce. At the end of the day it is your responsibility to earn a living not a piece of paper you get from someone that says you're smart.
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