College Is Not An Option

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  1. articulate
    past tense: articulated; past participle: articulated
    1. 1.
      pronounce (something) clearly and distinctly.
      "he articulated each word with precision"
      • express (an idea or feeling) fluently and coherently.
        "they were unable to articulate their emotions"
        synonyms: express, give expression to, voice, give voice to, vocalize, put in words, give utterance to, communicate, declare, state, set forth, bring into the open, make public, assert, divulge, reveal, proclaim, announce, raise, table, air, ventilate, vent, give vent to, pour out, mention, talk of, point out, go into;
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    Sure articulated is a real word, but you used it as an adjective.
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  3. Ah,ok.Thanks for correcting me.But you got the point i`m sure.
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    I absolutely did.
    It just came across as very funny for all UK users I'm sure as we only use "articulated" for "articulated lorry", which is what you might call a semi.
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  5. lol..but when you learn to articulate you`ll be much stronger than`ll hire all the smart guys with all franchises in the world to sell their franchises even more expensive so they can create even more franchises for you, so at some point you find yourself a franchise guru, and so all the ususpected 200K clients seek an audience with you now but you have to decline as by that time your too big to mess with the small pocket change guys....
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  6. Young guys/gals!Study on oratory and learn dufferent languages!!!But study it real good,that`s all you`d need to be ahead of the herd.Then use all the smart educated guys/gals at your disposal.
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    Double like.
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  8. Create an app, or hire someone or people to do it for you...but the chances of it becoming successful are rather slim.
    Creating a successful app can seem like a gold mine. Some last a really long time, while others are mined out quickly.

    We all need and want food. Create a good, semi-unique, semi-cheap restaurant. or food stand or coffee shop.
    If you survey'll see the choices and options are rather limited. People like new, fresh concepts and options.
    If you are the real deal, you can franchise out your concept after a couple years or five...and that's where the true money comes in.

    200K is plenty to start any business, or a seed...just to get the ball rolling and flower potted,

    Don't buy anyone's're paying a high premium for something you could otherwise basically replicate yourself on the cheap.

    Good luck, and Mazal tov and May the Farce be With you 2018 :confused:
    High-Fives` all-around, and alligator shoes for everyone.
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    Restaurants go broke faster than traders do.
    Once again... this thread is for original ideas.
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  10. You want original, and special you go,

    Start a restaurant...that serves both dogs and their owners beautiful cuts of steak, and beef ribs and roasts :p
    Owners and their dogs could eat side-by-side,...I'll order mine medium-rare.

    There's an abundance of business ideas for both online and off one could start...that would make you Rich beyond the dreams of avarice,
    Make a move, make a mooooov~....Make a million dollah moooove
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