College Is Not An Option

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  1. Of course it can be done. Just like someone can make it to the NBA. But the odds are drastically against you.

    But why would someone pay a franchise fee then a chunk of their gross profits to someone else in perpetuity while they are working their asses off to make scraps?

    Franchise business models are basically indentured servitude. You put up all the money and do all the work, while they take 8-10% of your gross every month for doing nothing! F that
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    All possibly true of course. But some of the biggest companies we all think of as major corporations are actually franchises. If there was only a 1 in a thousand chance of making money out of taking a franchise they wouldn't be so popular amongst would-be entrepreneurs.

    They're doing great business, their franchisees are doing great, and when they want to push on and set up their own business they've had a salaried training course.
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  3. I hear you and agree about the older franchises like MCD’s, Subway, Etc.
    But in the last 20 years I think the “Franchise game” has become nothing more than a cash grab.
    There’s a new hot gym/fitness franchise every month now and they’re all closed down within a few years.
    I just think the franchise route has become a get rich quick racket and most are no better than a lottery ticket now.
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    I totally agree.
    Franchises are NOT for entrepreneurs.
    Entrepreneurs start franchises.
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    Are you on the right thread?
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    Why would you say that? It's not a dumb way to start a business. You pay 10% of your revenues to the parent co, but they provide you a supply chain, marketing, instant brand value, and training. Anyone who runs a proper business knows that there are a lot of components that make a successful business. It's not dumb to pay someone to improve your chances of success.

    I would rather own a Subway than start my own sandwhich shop. I probably would piss away more than 10% of my gross botching my weekly produce orders.
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  9. franchiss are bull crap, it`s not business at`s an expensive workplace instead.i always recommend young guys/gals to take on learn to be outspoken and articulated....all the rest is just a matter of time.
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    Good suggestion.

    However, "articulated"?
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