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    I'm new to the forum and I apologize if there are many similar threads, but it's worth a shot.

    I just graduated from the University of Chicago majoring in Econ, and I'm looking around for trading jobs. As someone new to the field I don't have previous experience in trading (trading my own account is not viable yet as I'll need to make money before that!) and so I'm looking for firms with a training program and a place where you don't need to bring in your own capital. My main focus is just learning to trade for the next couple of years.

    Any suggestions on firms to apply to are greatly appreciated.
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    my advice is that you learn trading on your own

    firms will not give you an edge, in other words they won't teach you to trade without them

    you need to be able to pull your own weight in this world,

    I hope you are under 30, because learning to trade takes good 3-5 years assuming you are very committed

    sorry there is no other way arround it unless you dad is a successful trader

    Also I am sorry but your degree means absolutely nothing,
    In fact I would bet its weighing you down because of false things you think you know

    good luck
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    Some firms that hire traders (with training and without requiring capital) include Goldman Sachs, JP Mogan, Morgan Stanley, and others in "investment banking" (or whatever they're calling it post-TARP); as well as countless hedge funds.

    Many of these firms recruit on campus at U of Chicago. No need to rely on an anonymous message board for info on these jobs; go ask Career Services or whatever they call it in Hyde Park.

    Have fun..... :D
  5. I am curious. What did the instructors at the University of Chicago teach you about trading?
  6. the function of the markets in society is to re-distribute capital, not to enrich individuals.

    markets are efficient. this means you can't make money.

    there is also a semi-verion of this hypothesis:

    markets are generally efficient. this means you can't make money consistently.

    your question already contains the answer, the answer that's right for you. only you know where your comfort zone is. the key is whether you want consistency, or whether you're after something else.

    if you are still not mature enough to asnwer that question, you must turn to the works of michael covel and dr brett streetbarger for clues, for 'coded messages' that can help you find your way in the trading jungle.

    the price, and only the price, is your compass in the market jungle.

    learn to be consistent and stable in economic analysis first. you studied economics, you have been taught a system of knowledge about economic processes and phenomena. you have a bird's eye view of the "economic puzzle", even though you don't have all the pieces.

    individual traders only have one piece of the puzzle in their hand, they don't see the whole picture.

    YOUR FIRST MOVE is subscribing to Dr. Marc Faber's BoomGloomDoom report, 200 bucks per year. he is a professional economist with so called street smarts. he is neither a bear, nor a bull, he is what he is. he understands economics and embraces technical analysis. this unique combination should be of tremendous value to you.

    in any event, turning to a low quality, low reliability medium such as ET, for advice on how to live and what to do, is a mistake. try to understand the inner forces that let you to this mistake, so that you don't repeat it in the future.

    i sincerely wish you the best of luck, i feel you are ambitious and confident. don't get fooled by the temptation of the markets, and get a stable career. ET is strictly for entertainment purposes!
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    can you please warn the new people about people like you

    people who give advice but perhaps don't even have a open account :D
  8. leaving aside your groundless accusations, can i ask a personal question?

    why would anyone want to call themselves "govno", which stands for "shit" if i remember my russian correctly? :D

    you have only six posts, a modest portfolio

  9. The random walk hypothesis is a joke. The markets are not efficient, as emotions cause people to do irrational things. I say this both as a trader and an academic. The sooner you can grasp this the sooner you can take money out of the markets. You are right on one thing though, ET is strictly for entertainment purposes.
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