College grads getting 10-20 job offers before graduating!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by noob_trad3r, Jan 9, 2012.

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    It's temporary occurrence lasting until old workforce is replaced by those who don't mind working weekends, have no distractions from working long hours (like family), don't mind brain teasers like reboot this, plug and un-plug that :D
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    Because life in IT is shit.. but it pays the bills that is important, hence the increased uptake since the downturn after 2007. Better to have a sad IT career than none at all.

    Also you need a certain mindset for IT, more likely students considering maths and other science and engineering subjects will be the ones switching to IT during desperate times, not the liberal arts guys.

    Less than 15% of the population have the NT personality type.

    IT pays well... i was making 250K USD back in 2000, just 5 years after graduating. The tax man was doing well out of me too.

    Only problem is for the most part it gets so soul destroyingly depressing after a few years.. most people i know would jump at the chance of getting out of IT, but they have no other way of earning a living.
  3. But its better than working at starbucks.
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    You've got to remember there's a huge demand for computer engineers/coders but relatively few people are competent enough to earn the degree let alone actually do a decent job.
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  6. +1

    Its amazing how many graduates can talk the talk, but quickly fade when asked to roll up their sleeves and actually code something.