College Grad Can't Find Job; Sues School For Tuition

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    boo hoo hoo; hey NOTHING is guaranteed in life...

    She went to college to boost her chances of finding a great job once she got out of school, but now that that hasn't happened, Trina Thompson wants her money back.

    Thompson, a graduate of Monroe College, is suing her school for the $70,000 she spent on tuition because she hasn't found solid employment since receiving her bachelor's degree in April, according to a published report.

    The business-oriented school in the Bronx didn't do enough to help her find a job, Thompson alleges, so she wants a refund. The college says it does plenty for grads.

    The 27-year-old information-technology student accuses the school's Office of Career Advancement for not living up to its end of the deal and offering her the leads and employment advice it promised, according to The New York Post.

    "They have not tried hard enough to help me," the beleaguered Bronx resident wrote in her lawsuit, filed July 24 in Bronx Supreme Court.

    Thompson's mother is proud of her daughter for completing her college education, but acknowledges Trina is upset that all her high hopes haven't panned out.

    The mother and daughter live together, but Trina's mother, Carol, is a substitute teacher and the only one of the two who makes any money. They're barely scraping enough together to get by, reports the Post.

    On top of her unemployment woes, Trina now faces mounting debt from student loans.

    "This is not the way we want to live our life," her mom told the paper. "This is not what we planned."

    Monroe defends its career-advice programs and is adamant that its staff assists young professionals in their careers.

    "The lawsuit is completely without merit," school spokesman Gary Axelbank told the Post. "The college prides itself on the excellent career-development support that we provide to each of our students, and this case does not deserve further consideration."

    On the school's Web site, the career program boasts that it provides free services for graduates at any point in their lives.
  2. I bet if she took a stroll through Hunt's Point she could earn a few bucks!
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    This lawsuit will get tossed pretty quickly. Schools educate individuals for a fee (tuition). They are not career placement companies that guarantee jobs. If she paid 70k and received 70k worth of education then the case is closed.
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    I agree, but the school still should pay, because they gave a degree to a moron. :)
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    Give her the money back and take the diploma back. I would love to see her reaction.
  6. I think they should find the value of "career placement" and refund her that much. If the school is selling itself as one that helps you to get a job after college and they dont come through on that part of it, the student should not have to pay for that.

    I have seen these types of private colleges before and they usually charge alot more than a normal college, so the fair thing to do would be to find out what all the classes would cost at community colleges/universities Then subtract 70k from the cost of what a normal college would charge and give her the difference.
  7. The judge should make her pay court fees for a frivolous lawsuit and then give her a few weeks in county for being an idiot.
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    Easy availability of student loans is similar to the sub-prime lending of the housing bubble. Stosh
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    Welfare people. They expect life handed to them. I wish her nothing but agony and death. We lose more freedoms everyday because of these losers.
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    well i kinda feel bad for her. she's been a victim of our educational system that doesn't teach one financial wisdom and preventing one from going into debt for unprofitable ventures, (e.g. majoring in music, history, etc).

    from an early age, she was just told to follow her dreams without thinking about the debt and $$ aspect. she's young... she just does whatever her older, "wiser" teachers say. she does not know about money and debt.

    she is only now realizing that she's been lied to.
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