College Football's 10 Most Overrated

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  1. In order, the most overrated, overhyped teams for 2007-2008 so far. These are pre-season favorites, teams ranked at the beginning that have proven themselves unworthy, OR teams that have feasted on cream puffs but will soon choke when they actually have to face a quality opponent.

    1. Michigan
    2. Louisville (overrated just about every year)
    3. Rutgers
    4. Wisconsin (new coach is no Alvarez)
    5. Auburn
    6. Texas
    7. West Virginia (suspect defense)
    8. Ohio State (good, but not great)
    9. Hawaii (great q-back, and good coach, though)
    10. Georgia

    Why no Notre Dame? They weren't expected to do that well. I think it is apparent that they should have kept the old coach. Charlie Weis--the most overrated college coach--should have remained in New England.
  2. Two months have passed. Looks like I was right about Louisville (now 5-6), Michigan (less than 100 total yards against Ohio State), Rutgers (several losses), and Wisconsin (barely got by 1-11 Minnesota today). Hawaii is still untested, Texas has been disappointing, Auburn is not the dominant power it once was, and I was totally wrong about the Mountaineers, who beat Cinci tonight, and Georgia, a decent team after all. Ohio State is by all accounts a very good team, but probably not great.
  3. 10 Most overrated every year in every sport....

    The Big 10 (minus Northwestern).

    So sick of seeing them get 5 teams in the top 25 rankings every year even though they NEVER beat anyone outside of their own shitty conference.

    Should be fun to watch them get embarrassed in 5 bowl games (as usual)...and then on to yet another disgraceful March Madness showing....where they usually lose 5 of their 7 seeds in the opening round.
  4. Playing this week against Boise St.

    If they win and then finish the season with a victory over U. of Wash. to go undefeated, they damn well better go to a BCS bowl.