College enrollment is falling faster than we thought.

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  1. this is the MASTER PLAN!!! i'm glad I finished grad school years ago on the "cheap". 30k and made 300k in the next 4 years or so....ah, whatever....I don't recommend it.

    anyhow....keep kids out of college, keep them stupid and insecure, then make them all apply for entry-level jobs, push the wage down to minimum wage.....give them all a home and more debt....and make it easier to have kids, get married...

    and then own them for life!!!!

    welcome to slavery......

    your mind is controlled and you don't even know it..

  2. clacy


    We have subsidized college to the point where it's now pricing the middle class and lower, completely out of the market.

    Many middle class kids are not going to gravitate towards or be mentally talented enough be competent at high income jobs, which are needed to earn the type of money that it takes to finance 4-5 years of higher education any more.

    You need a career path that will earn you $80k plus to pay off huge loans.

    The real world is teaching the harsh lesson that racking up $100k in student loan debt in order to become a social worker has a bad ROI.

  3. Utter bullshit. No one forces you to get into debt. This type of utter bullshit is the result of a lazy mental process. So do you have a better alternative? You want to go live in a mud hovel in somalia?
  4. yes, my daughter's first house in Mali was built out of mud in just one day. They told her upfront it was a bad day for mud, so it would have to probably be rebuilt next year.

    Now she has 5 houses in Mali.

    you can buy the property really cheap, but you have to commit to improving it by a date certain

    finding a property with a well is the big deal

    your repulsion to mud really cracks me up
  5. once you get out of USA, you see the 120 cinder block phenonemon

    all down there in Mexico, you will see houses that are in the process of being built

    each one has exactly 120 cinder blocks, because that is a full load
  6. I like that the biggest drop rates are the 4 year private college numbers. So many of those are for suckers. Their goal is to saddle you with a bunch of debt and give you a non-sense education.
  7. Yeah seems like the way to go is to teach yourself something useful and learn it well… Like trading :).
  8. The problem is most people assume any college degree = high paying job.

    So people go to college and chose the easiest major that requires a minimum of effort in order to maximize the fun times and frat time.

    So John Doe Jr. goes to Full Sail,Duke etc.., borrows 100K to get a 4 year degree in (Videogaming or Psychology)and then does not understand why they can only get a job fetching coffee at Starbucks or make 7 bucks an hour at a McJob.

    "I will say one thing positive about what I have learned from one of their graduates however. A couple of months ago, one of my students to me to a local club to talk with his cousin who recently graduated from Full Sail. Although he was not working in his field through job placement assistance from the university, he did make me one h**l of a hamburger!!!!! "
  9. the problem is, people aint got the sense they was born with

    glad to know you are so much smarter than everybody else

    must be nice

    we need more people like you

    that's what made this country what it is today
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