College degrees that don't pay

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  1. You do not need an Art degree to take pictures. Why the heck would you go to college for 4 years so you can take pictures.

    College is not a requirement for taking pictures with a camera.

    Also you do not need a degree to learn how to mow lawns. Shit Mexicans do that and they do not even have an HS degree.
  2. man not everyone does it for money, my friend studied to be a social worker, she lives a very very simple life, virtually owns no material stuff and she is very happy helping people.
  3. This is how 100% of Americans should live. Unfortunately the rest of Americans choose to be evil.
  4. How many people do you know who have a job somehow related to their college degree, especially years afterward? Most people I know don't. I read one stat that said the average person changes their career 5-9 times throughout their life. This would imply the point of the degree is not necessarily to train for a specific job, but teach how to learn new things. If they're lucky enough to get a job related to the degree they love, that's great. And, hopefully, they have developed the skill and discipline from the 4-year degree to study and learn something new if they get tired of it or the pay 10 years down the road, or the economy reduces that field. I suppose it would be worse to get a high-paying, degree-related job right of school, one would think one was locked to that job or career and may not feel comfortable trying new things.
  5. Times have changed. Getting an Art degree for 100K means you are gonna be working at Panera Bread for 8 bucks an hour.

    The days of Fluff degrees being enough to land a decent job is over.
  6. especially with hundreds of millions of chinese and indians with degrees willing to work for cheaper. Why hire a fat american?
  7. If capitalism has any meaning, the cost of acquiring an education should offset any future earnings benefits that derive strictly from that education.

    It appears we are starting to converge on such a reality...
  8. In my opinion, you don't need to go to the college to take a photo, but when you go to this, you can have more and more beautiful pics
  9. Also, when they do hire the fat americans, they just end up outsourcing the work themselves to indians & chinese, so perhaps employers are catching on to this.

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