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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Shawnovision, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I have plans of sitting in on some psych classes starting in the new year.

    Just wondering what courses in particular you would recommend.

    I think Crowd Psychology (if offered) would be good.

    Social Psychology I figure could be beneficial as well.


    Mr. Ovision
  2. My friend you are in luck.

    I am just about to finish some courses in psychology.

    Well, let me tell you what take.'s great.....reading is challenging from many of the sociologists but it is worth it. For instance, if you read Habermus or Bourdieu it would be much beneficiary for you.

    Good luck, by the way what university are you attending?
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    how could any of these courses be of any use? its all comon sense when relating it to trading. supply/demand, sentiment
  4. Well if you would take one then you'll realize.

    But, I am doing an ethnography on the traders....fascinating stuff....the way trades are carried out and such.

    If you want to minor in psychology it is fine.........actually it is more beneficiary for you if you want to become a manager, an asset manager, or even trade........

    Don't don't trade assets/ trade people and their psychology/philosophy/strategy....
  5. So you would recommend soc over psych?
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    I would not recommend studying psychology per se - and would instead focus on certain branches of psychology or related fields.
    In addition to these an understanding of probability and game theory will hold you in better stead than knowing how to make a dog salivate or know what a split brain patient is.
    So the psychology side: I would recommend looking into hypnosis and CBT. Both of these combined will allow you to 'see' things for what they are, stay disciplined and in control.
    Although it may not appeal to all I would recommend reading classic literature from the following Authors as I believe it improves discipline and gives a character more ammeniable to trading:
    Marcus Aurelius

  7. Well, Psychology is the study of one person....brain/actions to be precise.

    On the other hand, the study of all people.......why do people follow other, like Hitler for example. Why do people have different thoughts? How are people influenced by the surroundings? How are people influenced by the social status? ETC.

    I found it to be helpful for it got me started.....on writing ethnography on traders...:D
  8. History of booms and busts interests me.
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