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    Hello all,

    I've been busy with my classes and I was just wondering what college course do you members feel contributed to your trading career the most? Was it a certain statistics, psychology, or math course or was it a cumulative study of a subject? Perhaps, it was a teacher that made a difference.

    If it didn't contribute to your trading career much at all, then what was it that you benefited the most from academically?

    I myself is an undergrad and I don't think college specifically has made a whole lot of a difference in my trading, but then again I'm not a successful trader at any level.
  2. I would take:



    a programming course like C++

    and an investment elective
  3. Although this topic has been discussed in-depth here at ET a few times each year...

    For wasn't a particular class nor teacher...

    It was an activity.

    Collegiate Sports

    However, since you are talking about academics...

    A far distant second place and third place for me would have to be some of the science classes follow by psychology classes.

    Once again...

    #1. Collegiate Sports
    #2. Science (organic chem and genetics)
    #3. Psychology

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  4. This may sound silly, but I think you should study people in their social environment.

    Yep, I'm going out on limb here - learn how to read people.

    I went to school for a damn long time (PhD) and truthfully, interpersonal skills are so much more valuable in any profession you choose, it's almost ironic.

    If you have enough brains then the following trite statements should make sense to you:

    In college I learned how to learn.

    In grad school I actually learned something.

    That's all there is to it. But nowhere does it talk about real world skills like integrity and confidence. You can only develop those types of skills through interaction with others.



    EDIT: I planned on delving more into personal discipline and the like... but, the reality is college is a bit worthless these days. IMO, you learn the most about yourself via interaction with others (i.e. you find out about your strengths and weaknesses). Knowing your strengths and weaknesses are the keys to trading well or knowing if trading is right for you.