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  2. We wouldn't have engineers moron. Get real and go find something better to do than watch silly youtube videos.

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    like go stuff your wife :D :D
  4. The video makes some interesting and valid points, but I couldn't help noticing the constant fear mongering, self-referencing statements to papers written by the film's producers (the NIA), and naked plugs for precious metals. It's also a pretty slick production for a YouTube video; There's obviously some money behind the NIA.

    It left me wondering who exactly funds the NIA, so I googled it and found:

    "The National Inflation Association is run by Gerard Adams. Adams is a stock analyst who also runs the newsletter “Wall Street Grand,” which offers advice on which stocks to buy and sell....Given that Gerard Adams makes his living off the buying and selling of stocks, it is logical to assume that he stands to gain or lose based on the recommendations made about stocks by the Association."

    "The National Inflation Association is a group that encourages fear and worry about possible inflation in order to sell gold and silver. Many of the claims made by the National Inflation Association are highly questionable, such as the assumption that a depression leads to an increase, not a decrease, in most prices. In short, while the National Inflation Association may make some legitimate claims, the source of the material simply must be considered."

    As always, when you follow the money, motivations become transparent and the cockroaches scurry for cover.
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    As always, when you follow the money, motivations become transparent and the cockroaches scurry for cover. very true.
  6. Roaches are not, if you read between the lines, much of their info is good.

    Now, forget the "forcasts" and the "Buy this gold stock now bullshit".

    NIA is just like CNBC. No difference.
  7. Yes, because people absolutely can not learn mathmatics or science unless they are in an accredited school that they have paid a minimum of $10,000 per year to be at. Its impossible! Something happens with the human brain that it just cant read math or science books outside of university walls!

    (Hope you picked up on the sarcasm because I was laying it on pretty thick)
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    You also forgot. Jonathan Lebed wrote the video (you see his name at the end during the credits). Google his name and you'll find that he got into trouble with the SEC for pumping and dumping. Note some of the stocks the NIA recommends: penny stocks after they bought into them.

    And, George4title used to be associated with NIA and did youtube videos for NIA. This freak is one big moron if I've ever seen one. He's such an idiot, he does things like this in his vids: goes to Mexico during swine flu and then prentended he got it and then video tapes himself throwing up. Then during the Japan nuclear incident when nuclear fule was leaking, this moron was running around in California--when small amounts of radiation hit Cali--with a shower cap on video taping himself. Apparently, he removed that video. But if you google "george4title scam," there are a bunch of other videos exposing him and the NIA.

    Below is one of my favorite videos of this fool. He was talking about the US about to go into depression/economic clalapse and then goes to Detroit to investigate (why there, who knows). In the begining, he ends up walking from the airport into detroit on the side of the highway in the rain, but it's like a 12 mile walk. So he calls people he don't know for a ride. About 5:15 into the video, he goes into an abandon building and falls on his ass big time. It's good for a laugh, but it shows how much of a fool he is.

    I've been following NIA for a couple years now, it's entertaining, but they do make some good points. I just wouldn't buy into their stock tips.

  9. I know you're a little slow, so i'll hold back on the sarcasm for my response.

    You're fucking stupid. You can only go so far with that, but in the end you need to learn from professionals who know what they're doing. Experience is KEY and you want to learn the RIGHT way to do stuff without making mistakes. You're going to be an engineer by reading a book? Get real.

    Your comment is typical of your posts....pathetic and worthless. BTW silver's been getting beaten up pretty bad. Go worry about that
  10. You just don't leave the fantasy world do you?
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