College Basketball vs. Pro Basketball

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  1. I was talking some some friends over why college basketball is so much more popular than professional basketball. Why do you think this is?

    Out of all the sports, which are your favorite?

    World Poker Championships
    Nascar Racing
    College Football
    Pro Football
    College Basketball
    Pro Basketball
  2. I think college bball is more popular for a few reasons.....:
    For one thing, people move and change teams (well, some do) but once an alum, always an alum...
    And rooting for a team because they actually ARE your team, that you were and are part of, well, it really makes you feel like you are part of the team and not just living in the same city as them.
    And insults are taken much more personally cause someone can bash the city I live in all they want....but my college? No way, I'm a Wildcat always and will defend em every time.

    Never mind the fact that NBA (at least as far as I see it) isn't that exciting, and the fact that traveling goes on without any calls, well to me that says that the game is more about putting on a show for the crowd than it is about the actual sport. I guess that's more of an extreme view as far as I'm concerned, but at 12:30 in the morning, my mind (as are my thoughts) a bit jumbled.

    As for my favorite sport (besides college bb) I used to be a huge ice hockey fan. Huge.... We had season tickets to the Kings since I was like 7 (I'm 27 now) and back then people went to see the hockey....that was until Gretzky came. And don't get me wrong, he's an incredible player....the best, but going to Kings games became the 'in' thing to do and it just seemed to take away from the sport itself.

    And aside from baseball...ok, besides from the Cubs (cause those games are the best to actually go to) and college football (both of which I like) I'd have to say the WPT is pretty good....although I have a real hard time calling that a sport but regardless, I enjoy watching it.

    OK...that was my two cents on the off to sleep....
  3. At his peak, Michael Jordan was more popular than college basketball.

    Pro ball is a for kids and adults. You don't see many college kids at pro games. They can't afford the tickets.

    You include NASCAR in your list of sports?

  4. ElCubano


    Football (pro)
    Basketball (pro)
    Poker ( travel channel ) I love it..i can sit there watching for hours....
  5. No one even cares about basketball, let alone COLLEGE BASKETBALL on ET.

    I mean, here we have one of the closest Final Fours in history, with both games decided by only 1 point, and hardly anyone on ET even talks about it, besides Mav and me.

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    Hands down pro football. Why do I say pro football. Think about it. Which game is more important and fun to watch? A baseball game 80 games into the season, a pro basketball game 40 games into the season, or a pro football game week 8. In pro football every game is important and every game is a must win. In baseball and basketball, winning is not that important on any particular game until you get down to the home stretch.
  7. I love college ball, just hard to get too excited when your own team or conference is no longer in the hunt.

    When all the PAC 10 teams went out early, I lost interest, although I did enjoy watching Coach K lose and cry about it.

    I will talk about my hatred for the Lakers any time you want.

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    That reminds me of another point. In pro football, it's very easy to watch and enjoy two teams that are playing that you have no interest in. However, trying do that in baseball or pro basketball. Very very hard.
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    pro hoops i find deathly dull. american football puts me to sleep. baseball is wonderful - and would be *fantastic* if they could work the "world" into the "World Series". imo baseball is to america what football is to the rest of the world.

    but for my money, nothing beats international football for passion, drama, love, intensity and endless stirring of the debate pot.
  10. I find that those who never played a particular sport, typically have no love of watching that particular sport.

    I played baseball, football, and basketball.

    Love watching football and basketball, but watching baseball is a bore.

    Going to a baseball game is different than watching it though, as baseball doesn't demand much from the spectators. It is fun to go to a ball game and just chat with friends while casually watching the non action.

    "International Football" is soccer. Soccer is gay.

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