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    Check frequently what the big boys of trading are asking...Check with GS, Merril, UBS, JPM to see what kind of people they are hiring, then taylor your studies accordingly...

    Comp science is hard work and your fun time will be greatly reduced but it's a pretty complete degree that can open doors in many fields as opposed to a finance degree.

    Good luck.
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  3. computer science: get a trading strategy and make bots out of it

    quant guys: analyze sectors and the worldwide markets to come to a conclusion as to where one equity / future will get to

    Professionals : doctors, lawyers are also hired for specific sectors

    ^ i think thats right
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  4. You're in a pretty lucky position, I suggest you do a computer science degree. You can't learn that anywhere else. No substitutes when learning that from a good school.

    Regarding trading, yeah go out there and trade! You could even do that on a high school degree. If you want the bank trader training, then you have the next 6 years to become the perfect candidate.
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